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Breast Augmentation | Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is the most common procedure performed by Dr Barnouti in Sydney. With over 15 years of surgical experience Dr Barnouti is widely renowned for his artistic touch and vision, producing natural-looking breasts to suit every woman’s unique body shape.

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Common Questions

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed today. Studies have shown that more than 50% of women wish to alter the appearance of their breasts. Dr Barnouti works with those women to recommend the best procedure based on their personal wishes and body proportions.

Breast augmentation helps increase or balance breast size and restore breast volume. Augmentation surgery is sometimes combined with breast lift surgery for women who’d like to correct a significant sagginess in the breast tissue.

Breast implants procedures are performed under twilight sedation and local anaesthetics in which you are asleep for the entire procedure which takes around 90 minutes.

During breast augmentation surgery a breast implants is placed inside a pocket created in the breast tissue beneath the breast tissue or muscle. There are many decisions to consider when choosing breast implants including the implant type and size, the pocket and the incision placement.

Dr Barnouti can help you decide what is best for you during a consultation in one of his three Sydney clinics.

breast augmentation incision

There are three common incisions used in performing enlargements and positioning implants. The most common is an incision directly under the breast with incisions around the areola or in the armpit alternative options.

This diagram below shows the three choices for your breast implants incisions:

Under the armpit (A), around the areola (B) or in the breast crease under the breast (C).

breast implant choicesThe latest silicone breast implants are far superior to saline implants in terms of feel, shape and longevity which is why Dr Barnouti usually recommends silicone implants to his clients in Sydney.

Silicone implants are made from a rubber shell filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel making them lighter, softer and with a more natural feel than saline implants. That is why silicone implants are more widely preferred by good surgeons and their patients.breast silicone implants

Book a consultation with Dr Barnouti in one of his three Sydney clinics to talk about your wishes and work out which type of implants are most suitable for your body type and personal preferences.

Dr Barnouti will help you to choose the right implant for your body and lifestyle including the ideal shape, texture, profile, width, height and volume.

Because everyone is different, we’ll explain the different types of implants available during your consultation and work out which is best for you, but here’s some information to get you up to speed on the different options available.

breast implants
Traditional round breast implants

These can be either smooth or textured. For under the muscle breast enlargements, there is no statistically significant difference between using smooth or textured, but Dr Barnouti usually recommends textured round or teardrop implants for above muscle breast enlargement.

Smooth and textured round breast implants. For a consultation or to decide which type of breast implants are right for you contact one of our Sydney clinics and book an appointment with Dr Barnouti today.

Teardrop breast implants produce a very natural shape and are the implants commonly used by Dr Barnouti for his Sydney clients. These are also known as natural implants or anatomical breast implants.

teardrop breast implantsBrazilian breast implants are another excellent choice for breast enlargement and enhancement. They are similar to silicone implants with an additional layer of polyurethane-foam that creates a ‘furry’ suede-like feel to the outer shell hence they are often called ‘furry’ breast implants. Brazilian implants reduce the risk of capsular contracture which is caused by our bodies natural defence against any foreign object in our body. Sometimes when a foreign object such as a breast implant is introduced, our bodies try to create a capsule (or lining) of tissue to wrap around the implant and keep it away. This is a normal part of having implants but sometimes the contracture becomes too tight, or smaller than the implant causing problems.

Brazilian implantsBrazilian breast implants carry a much lower risk of capsular contracture making them a good choice for women who require revision surgery or treatment for breast contracture which has caused the breast tissue to harden around other implants.

breast implants piece of mindWe use only the best breast implants.

There are many different manufacturers of implants around the world, but Dr Barnouti uses only American, European and Brazilian made breast implants which have an excellent reputation worldwide.

There are six main steps to surgery.

breast implants markingsStep 1: Marking the correct position for the breast implants.

During this step Dr Barnouti will mark the breast or breasts outlining the correct position for the incisions.

Step 2: Creating incisions for the implants

After cleansing the skin with antiseptic agent and draping the area with sterile sheets, Dr Barnouti will make a small incision, either in the lower portion of the breast crease where the breast tissue meets the chest (an inframmammary incision), around the areola (the nipple) or in the armpit. Dr Barnouti will advise you on the best approach during your initial consultation.

breast implants step 2Incision on the areolaIncision in the armpit
Incision in the breast crease.Incision on the areola.Incision in the armpit.
breast implants step 3
This diagram compares the positioning of breast implants. From left to right: breast plants placed under the breast tissue and above the muscle (sub-glandular), breast plants placed under the muscle (sub-muscular) and dual plane breast implants with the upper half placed under the muscle and the lower half under breast tissue (this is the dual plane technique).

Step 3: Creating a pocket for the breast implants

The third step is for Dr Barnouti to create a pocket through the incision wherever it is placed. The pocket is carefully created to fit the selected implant. This pocket can be created under the muscle (for sub-muscular breast implants), under the breast tissue (for sub-glandular breast implants) or half under the muscle and half under the breast tissue in what is known as dual plane breast implants.

Dr Barnouti prefers to use the dual plane approach to create the pocket for breast implants. This is the latest technique in breast enlargement and recommended because it offers the advantages of both the sub-muscular and sub-glandular techniques.

Step 4: Inserting the implants

breast implants step 4Once the pocket has been created Dr Barnouti will insert the selected breast implants into their pockets and check the breasts for symmetry. This often involves sitting the patient up while they are still under sedation to see how the implants look under the influence of gravity.

This check ensures the breast implants sit well in their pockets and will look natural both when you are lying down and standing or sitting up.

breast implants step 5Step 5: Closing the incisions

The incisions will then be closed using self-dissolving stiches so you will not have to go through the inconvenience of having them removed. The scars from breast surgery incisions will fade slowly over several months, but it may take up to a year before they settle completely. As with any surgery, breast augmentation surgery will cause some pain and swelling afterwards. Most breast swelling should subside within a few days but some swelling may persist for up to six weeks.

breast implants step 6Step 6: Fitting a compression garment or special breast enlargement bra

Dr Barnouti will fit you with a compression garment or special breast enlargement bra which will aid the healing process. Compression garments provide support and comfort, minimize swelling, and help keep the implants correctly positioned.

For your health and safety and as a qualified, ethical and thorough plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti maintains strict post-surgery protocol in his Sydney plastic surgery.
But recovery is fast and you should be able to go home three to four hours after your surgery with a prescription for oral antibiotics and analgesia. You will need someone to pick you up from the surgery because you cannot drive for 24 hours after the sedation.

To help speed up the healing process, breast enlargement wounds need to kept dry for one week but during this time you can have sponge baths.

A follow up visit will be arranged one week after your surgery. At the follow up visit, your dressing will be changed and you will be able to have a shower and pat dry the area.

You can go back to work three to seven days after your surgery. You must however avoid any strenuous activity and lifting for approximately four weeks after surgery because such activities may delay healing and could damage your implants.

breast implant rupture

Rupture of breast implants is very rare these days due to improved manufacturing technology. Silicone implants contain a highly cohesive gel which, in the highly unlikely event of leakage, will not leak into the breast tissue.

The implants that Dr Barnouti uses for his enlargement and augmentation clients in Sydney have a lifelong guarantee against rupture or leak.

Breast size is a matter of personal choice. The modern ideal of female beauty and femininity places an emphasis on breasts that are aesthetically pleasing in all states of dress and undress. For different women this can mean different things.

Dr Barnouti’s Sydney patients choose to have breast enlargements for four main reasons:

  • Some candidates want to have larger breasts.
  • Others want to enhance the shape of their breasts which have been compromised by pregnancy or aging due to inflating-deflating phenomena, fat atrophy or gravitational phenomena.
  • Correcting congenital or developmental breast problems which have resulted in smaller breasts.
  • Breast injuries such as scar or burns which have limited breast growth.

Today, plastic surgery is commonplace and women who dream of a curvier, fuller figure can increase their breast size and enhance the shape of their breasts almost anywhere. But what makes Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr Barnout’s breast enlargements very different is the emphasis on creating fuller breasts that  look completely natural.

Dr Barnouti’s approach for surgery on each of his candidates in Sydney will include many considerations such as:

  • where to make the incision;
  • what kind of implants to use;
  • where to place the implants;
  • which texture of implants to use;
  • what size implants to use;
  • the thickness of your breast tissue;
  • if breast sagginess needs correcting;
  • breast asymmetry;
  • what the candidate would like her breasts to look like with exact details on width, height and projection taken from his measurements.

In our Sydney surgeries we usually use breast implants, but enlargement is now possible without breast implants. Breast enlargements without the use of implants can be achieved through fat injections and Macrolane biosynthetic products.

You can get more information about the latest techniques during a private consultation at one of our Sydney clinics.

To find out more about which type of surgery is right for you, book a consultation with Dr Barnouti.

We encourage you to bring your partner or a family member to Sydney for the first consultation with Dr Barnouti if you feel they’ll help you make the right decision about your surgery.

During the consultation, Dr Barnouti will review your full medical history including lifestyle, breastfeeding history or preferences and family planning.

A full breast examination will be performed with specific attention to the distance from the areola (nipple) to the inframammary crease (where the breast tissue meets the chest), the transverse diameter (horizontal distance around the breast), the height of the breast and the accurate desired position of the inframammary fold.

After a comprehensive evaluation, including exact measurements and a detailed discussion between you and Dr Barnouti, he will determine if you are suitable candidate for the procedure.

If  surgery is suitable for you, you will be given assorted implants in different shapes and sizes to try on. To help with this process we recommend you take a sports bra to your consultation which will help you get a better idea of the look and feel of your enhanced breasts so you can make the right decision.

Based on this, you and Dr Barnouti will select the ideal size, shape and projection of your implants and determine the best surgical approach. Every woman is unique so we customise the procedure to suit your individual needs based on the current shape of your breasts and amount of breast tissue, your overall body size and the exact scientific measurements which will determine the size, position and texture of the implants chosen and the exact position of the incisions.

Exact Millimetric Measurements - Breast Augmentation Exact Millimetric Measurements - Breast Augmentation

Dr Barnouti prides himself in creating breast enlargements which look natural and he uses very exact measurements to ensure your new breasts meet your expectations. The exact millimetre technique he uses was developed and is being successfully practiced in Europe and some parts of the USA as well as in his Sydney surgeries.

Computer analysis can also be used to help explain your wishes, and help Dr Barnouti make sure your surgery meets your expectations.

A small incision about 4 centimetres long is created either around the breast areole (the dark skin surrounding the nipple), under the breast, or in the armpit. The position of the incision depends on your breast anatomy and the type of implants you select.

Working through the incision Dr Barnouti then lifts the breast tissue and skin to create a pocket, often using the dual plane breast implants position which combines the best of the sub-muscular breast implant position with the best of the sub-glandular breast implants position.

The implants are then carefully centred below the nipples and finally the pocket and skin is meticulously closed.

During the dual breast implants process the muscle is released from its lowest origin in the inferior and lower medial portions of the breast area and elevated to the superior aspect of the breast implant pocket. Because of this inferior release, the breast implant is allowed to rest behind the breast tissue in the lower aspect of the pocket which means the muscle shields the upper breast implants so they are not easily seen or felt.

At the same time, the dual plane breast implants position allows the implant to fill out the breast in the lower region, behind the nipple, to create a desirable teardrop shape and natural looking breasts.

Another benefit is that the muscle can massage the implant in the superior portion of the pocket which reduces the risk of scar contractures that can cause problems after some surgeries.

The entire procedure takes between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on the complexity of the case.

The position of the incisions and resulting scars in the armpit, around the areola or under the breast crease mean breast augmentation scars are fairly well hidden. New scars can be red and raised directly after surgery but over time they will fade and often become barely noticeable.

Breast Augmentation

For fast and effective healing a compression bandage must be worn on the chest for approximately 24 hours after your breast implants are inserted.

In most cases you will be able to go home on the same day of the surgery although some patients may need to stay in hospital overnight.

After surgery, you will need to keep the dressing on and keep it dry for one week.

The stitches are generally reabsorbable so will not need to be removed and bruising should go down in one to three weeks.

After that you will need to wear a sports bra for four to six weeks. Scarring is minimal and often becomes virtually invisible over time.

You will have to rest completely for the first 48 hours after surgery and may experience a burning sensation during this time.

It may be possible to return to work after four days but you should not lift heavy objects or do any heavy physical activity for one month after surgery.

Each woman has her own personal reasons for considering getting a breast enlargement. Deciding to go ahead is a very personal decision which should not be made casually or lightly. Choosing the right technique and having it performed by the right cosmetic plastic surgeon is key to making sure you get the great results you want.

Making the decision to have implants should be well thought out by the patient and discussed carefully with a specialist surgeon. While we counsel every patient to make sure that her procedure is right for her, there are five main reasons that women come to see us for breast enlargements or breast lift surgery in Sydney.

  1. “I can’t find flattering clothes that fit me.”
    This is perhaps the most frequent complaint of our patients at Sydney plastic surgeries. In Australia, summery apparel and bathing suits can be fun to wear, but often aren’t suited to a range of body shapes. Many women believe that they will look more attractive and desirable with larger breasts and others feel that clothes and swimwear will look better on them when they have larger breasts.
  2. I would like my body and breasts to be more proportional.”
    Many women find that their body type and their breast size don’t appear to match to each other. For this reason, some women get breast reductions while others get breast enlargements, because a well-proportioned body can look more aesthetically pleasing with or without clothing. But of course every woman has a different idea of body ideal, and the surgeon should strive to accomplish the patient’s ideal proportion which is what makes Dr Barnouti a great choice.
  3. “My breasts have become smaller as I’ve aged.”
    Often during pregnancy breasts expand with growth of the milk producing glands necessary for breast-feeding. This is often a welcome change. But after pregnancy and breastfeeding many women experience a shrinking of the breast tissue, and would like their breasts to look like they did before or during pregnancy. This feeling is an excellent reason to get breast implant surgery and we love helping mothers who would like to get back the fuller, higher more youthful breasts they had before pregnancy or breastfeeding caused their breasts to atrophy.
  4. “My breasts are sagging.”
    Ptosis or drooping breasts can be another unwanted side effect of pregnancy. A breast lift alone may correct this problem but sometimes breast implants are the best way to get the appearance many women want. A breast lift or mastopexy can be performed at the same time as a breast implant placement to create younger looking breasts.
  5. “My breasts are different sizes.”
    Breast asymmetry is a natural and completely normal occurrence. A certain degree of natural asymmetry in breasts should be expected but if there is a significant variance in appearance between the two breasts, surgery can give the patient a more symmetrical look. No two breasts will ever be exactly the same size with or without surgery, but with today’s surgical options, breast enhancements can be made so that it’s difficult to see any difference in the size or shape of one breast to the other.
These costs and packages are for breast surgery in Sydney with cosmetic plastic surgeon and specialist breast enlargement surgeon.

Breast enlargement with breast implants costs

Total Cost: $10,900

This includes surgeon fees, assistant surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees, operating theatre fees and all follow up visits costs.

Our breast enlargement costs also covers your choice of teardrop or round breast implants or any other breast implant of your choice. We do not charge extra for teardrop breast implants unlike most other plastic surgeons in Sydney.

Combined breast enlargement with breast implants and breast lift cost

Cost: $11,900

This includes surgeon fees, assistant surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees, operating theatre fees and all follow up visits costs.

This cost assumes top hospital cover with a private fund and that your operation attracts a medical item number. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for additional costs of $2,900.

Book a consultation with Dr Barnouti in one of his three Sydney clinics to talk about your breast enlargements and work out which type of surgery is most suitable for your body type and personal preferences. If you’re a good candidate for breast enlargements or breast augmentation, Dr Barnouti will help you choose the right procedure for your body dimensions and lifestyle.

Contact us today to book your consultation. Click here to book online or call us on free phone 1300 002 006 if you are outside Sydney or 9561 0222 if you are in the Sydney area.

We look forward to finding out more about your wishes and helping you get the body you want.

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