//Breast lift and implants surgery

Breast droop is a very common problem and it can be as distressing to women as under developed breasts.

Drooping is a result of multiple factors.  Aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss all take their toll.  It is the result of softening and stretching of the ligaments responsible for keeping the breast up and of tissue stretching due to breast enlargement during pregnancy.  Breast droop after pregnancy is often accompanied by loss of breast tissue, together giving the characteristic, sagging look with flatness in the upper pole of the breast.

Minor degrees of breast droop can be adequately corrected by breast implants alone. The implant has the capacity to lift the breast around 10mm, it varies on the size and shape of implants.  However, once the breast droop has reached a point where the nipple is at or below the level of the breast crease, a breast lift surgery (with or without implants) is the only way to restore the youthful, high nipple position.  Mastopexy or breast lift also tightens the skin to give the breast a firmer feel.

Breast lift is often combined with implants if decrease in breast volume is also an issue. Together, these procedures can restore the breast into its natural fullness, shape and position. Whilst the breast lift will restore the youthful higher nipple position, insertion of an implant will give the breast more fullness and firmness.

The operation can be done either under intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic depending on the individual situation.

Superb animation for breast implants surgery can be viewed on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUM6wlg91Mc

Superb 3D animation for breast lift and implants surgery:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xCAhNDsRwA

Photo Gallery for breast implants surgery (before/after photos): https://www.plasticsurgery-sydney.com.au/category/gallery-before-after/surgical-gallery/breast-implants-gallery/

Q & A

Clinical results to expect: Youthful, good volume and natural shape breasts.

Scaring: a lollipop scar.

Time off work: 7 days

Full recovery: 2 weeks

Total Cost of Breast lift + breast implants Surgery

Total Cost $11,900 (including Surgeon’s fee, Assistant Surgeons fee, Anaesthetist’s fee, Hospital, operating theatre, all follow up visits cost and top quality implants).

The cost also provides you with a life time insurance against implants rupture or leak.

This price assumes hospital cover with a private fund. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for additional costs of $3,000.

For Finance and comfortable payment plans

Pay $6,900 upfront and from $99/week: https://www.plasticsurgery-sydney.com.au/financing/

How to proceed

Broadway and Chatswood Clinic

Please call and Speak to Samantha Hughes or Julie Ngyuen on 1300 004 008 or 02-9561 0222 to book you for consultation.

Parramatta Clinic

Please call and Speak to Elle Norman or Priscilla Saloum on 02 9633 2423 or 1300 770 660 to book you for consultation.

During the consultation we will have the opportunity to examine you and take you through the recommended procedure in details.  You will have the chance to ask questions and make an informed decision if you wish to proceed further.

Consultation fees:

The consultation fees is $200. Get a doctor referral if you want to claim $74-$110 from Medicare and/or private health fund.

We look forward to meeting you