liposuctionFiona Wardrop a women of age 31 from Wattle Grove, NSW has this bizarre feeling that she did not had the time to lose her weight which has reached to 133 kg. Her weight started to increase when she was 18 years old. Her mother Flora passed away as she was suffering from Brest cancer, divested from Flora’s death Fiona started eating for getting comfort and relief from the sorrow of her mother’s death. She started eating fatty fried foods, chips and blocks of chocolates.

One day standing by the wardrobe Fiona grabbed a skirt and tried to wear it but she failed to get it on when she saw herself in the mirror she felt like screaming to her own image. But she just sighed and left the skirt of size 24 on the pile of cloths which did not fit her anymore. She called out her son Jacqob to ask him whether he was ready for the school or not. Then she grabbed the baby who was only of three months and took the other boy Adam who was four years old into the car. After returning from the school she felt exhausted though it was 9:30 am only. But she told herself this is what happens to a mother of three kids as she has to take care of all there stuffs. Her husband Steve who has age of 42 did not used to have time for the kids.

She loved her family and the kids were her priority but her increasing weight was making it difficult for her to work for long hours as she used to get tired in a very short interval of time.

Her husband and her children loved her anyway but her life took a change when her son Jacob passed an innocent comment on her at the dinner table that she was looking like a cow. She knew that it was just his imagination but then also she was hurt and that day she decided to lose her weight.


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She had tried and failed earlier also but this time she was serious as she realised that if she keep on going like this then her kids will lose their mother as she did. After discussion of two weeks with the friends she logged on to her computer and she started different types of surgery that are used for reducing weight and that might help her too in losing the weight.

At first her husband was surprised and told her that she looked beautiful anyway but after seeing her dedication he also told her that he will support her in this. She went to meet a surgeon after few weeks and he told her that she was a binge eater and the operation will reduce the weight but if she carries on to her normal diet which she follows then, than she will be like this again. But she was ready to change her diet. But the cost of the operation was $ 10,000 and they did not have that amount with them. So she applied access her superannuation savings. Her application was approved as she had a family history of high blood pressure and cancer. She was booked in for her operation in September 2012.

To prepare for the operation she had to go on a diet so that the fat around her liver can be minimised. In 2 weeks only she lost eleven kilograms. When the sleeve gastrectomy procedure a large portion of her stomach was removed and after this it was of around 25 per cent of the earlier size. The operation was a success and she started taking a temporary diet which was of pureed food and liquid. In just three months she lost 42 kg. Even the doctor was surprised.

And now her diets have completely changed all the fatty foods are out and only healthy and nutritional food stuffs are in the diet. She has received many compliments from all around from her sons, her brother and friends.

In November last year she went on to have surgery again to fix the other things. Now she has completely transformed and her attitude and view towards the food has completely changed. It’s been a hard and a long road to this transformation but the results are overwhelming. Fiona is now proud of herself and her look.