Minimally Invasive Surgery Sydney

PLASTIC SURGEON Dr Laith Barnouti Says “A global approach to facial rejuvenation can create the most significant results”.

The modern era of plastic surgery has defined facial beauty. There are certain measurements, lines and angles we rely on to enhance and beautify a face. Many patients who come to my clinic complain about looking tired, unhealthy, sad or lethargic.

It is the mission of the plastic surgeon to identify the facial areas that require improvement. This starts with a detailed facial analysis. It is imperative to analyse the face based on beauty dimensions, formulate a plan and present it to the patient.

As a plastic surgeon, my role is to advise the patient where to have surgery and how to invest their money in the best possible surgical ways. A wise investment is to start with minimally invasive surgery that can produce maximum impact on the whole face.

The first 10 seconds of initial human visual contact is focused on the eyes, nose and middle of the face (mid- face area). The attention then shifts to other areas such as the mouth, chin, cheeks and ears. Many patients

  • Drop ten years without going under the knife with the new threadlift.
  • Generally know the facial anatomic area they want to improve – such as the nose, eyelids, cheek and mouth – but do not know how to reach that goal.

Tailoring a plan to each individual person and formulating a strategy to reach that goal is the most critical point in achieving the desired outcome. This is usually supported by digital imaging and computerised software, enabling both the surgeon and patient to see the most likely results prior to any surgery.

A rhinoplasy (or ‘nose job’) may produce the maximum impact on some, however, others will benefit more from fat injection of the face. Some may require a ‘soft’ face and neck lift while others will be better to invest in the area around their mouth.

The following case studies show different examples of patients who underwent minimal scar surgery that produced maximum impact. A careful preoperative analysis and plan will always help to ensure a predictable and natural-looking outcome.