Study Shows Etched Six-Pack is a Safe Cosmetic Procedure

From the Daily Telegraph, May 2019:

Some might call them lazy abs, but Australians are lining up for a cosmetic tummy procedure that literally draws lines to give the appearance of a six pack.

Our study shows that this is a safe and effective method to create a defined anterior abdominal wall in both male and female patients, ” said author Dr Tarik M. Husain of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.

Specialist plastic surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti told The Daily Telegraph he had carried out many abdominal etchings, and found people who had the procedure were so motivated by their six-pack that they exercised more and ate better to enhance the look.

“Even with a lot of diet and exercise some people just cannot achieve the sculpted look — many have thick abdominal walls,” Dr Barnouti said. “We use liposuction to draw the abs, but also look at the love handles and hips for an improved look.

The technique works for both men and women. It can create the classic six-pack look for men or the three three-vertical-line abdomen in women.

The researchers stressed the importance of maintaining good long-term results, with the assistance of a sports nutritionist and integrated medicine physician to optimise nutrition, exercise plan and hormone imbalances. Patients in the study maintained good results at six-year follow-up appointment.

Abdominal etching best suits those who have stopped seeing gains from working out or have lost a lot of weight but just can’t get rid of flab. It can be performed as a day procedure under twilight sedation.

The costs can exceed $12,000.

Plastic Surgery Sydney Current Cost (June 2019)

Abdominal 6-pack etching liposculpture $9,900 This price includes surgeon fee, anaesthetic fee, day surgery fee & 6 weeks follow up

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