//Top 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Sydney


Those three plastic surgery procedures are still popular today but while nose jobs, breast implants and liposuction remain the most commonly requested procedures, other surgeries such as the tummy tuck and face lifts have sneaked into the top ten of most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Sydney and are being requested more and more often.

So I thought it would be interesting to share the current top 10 most popular plastic surgery procedures at our Sydney plastic surgery clinics.

While many clients just come to Sydney Plastic Surgery for just one procedure others get one or more procedures performed, either at the same time, or at a later date because they are happy with the results of their first surgery and want to make more cosmetic improvements to their appearance, either the face or body.

1. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

More commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty is our most frequently requested and performed plastic surgery procedure, probably because it’s for both men and women and because a nose job may be requested for both cosmetic reasons and medical reasons.

A nose job can improve the appearance of the nose by bringing balance to a patient’s face. Depending on the patient’s wishes it can be used to reduce or increase the size of their nose, change the shape of the nose tip or bridge of the nose, narrow the span of the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and upper lip.

popular plastic surgery procedures in sydney australiaUsing a technique called closed rhinoplasty nose jobs can be performed from inside the nose producing no visible scars which means plastic surgery can enhance the face by changing the nose with no visible after effects.

Often there’s a medical reason for performing rhinoplasty; correcting a deviated nose septum or reducing the size of the turbinate inside the nostrils makes breathing easier for many of our patients.

Many of my rhinoplasty clients tell me afterwards that getting a nose job at Sydney Plastic Surgery has changed their life and no doubt that’s why rhinoplasty holds the number one position here.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction can radically change your body shape without diet or exercise and is recommended for people with stubborn areas of fat deposits which exercise and diet can’t reduce.

Liposuction can change the body shape by sculpting the body and liposuction is most commonly requested for the  abdomen, waist, arms, thighs, face, neck, back, buttocks, hips, knees and ankles.

Depending on the body shape and wishes liposuction can be performed on one area of the body alone, on several different areas or, in special circumstances, on the entire body.

Maybe it’s because we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and love to spend time outside that liposuction is now one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in our Sydney surgeries.

3. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Although they’re quite different procedures labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are sometimes performed together and are becoming more popular. Labiaplasty is often requested to correct asymmetry of the female genitals or change the shape or size of the labia. In many cases it can eliminate discomfort caused by wearing certain types of clothing such as skinny jeans.

Vaginoplasty surgery is most commonly requested to improve sexual relations and both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty reduce inhibition and improve confidence in intimate situations for some women.

4. Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants

Studies have shown that more than 50% of women would like to change the size of their breasts and many of them want bigger breasts. Thanks to new technologies and improved techniques in breast implant surgery more and more women aren’t just wishing they had larger breasts, they are requesting surgery to get the breasts they want.

As an experienced plastic surgeon with a special interest in creating natural looking breasts I help women choose the best breast implant style and size based on their personal wishes and body proportions.

Breast implants are most commonly used to increase breast size but are also used to balance breast size or restore breast volume which has been lost due to age or after breast feeding.

Breast implant surgery is sometimes combined with breast lift surgery but more commonly it is the only surgery needed.

5. Breast Lift

Breast droop in women is common due to weight fluctuation, hormonal changes or aging. It’s also an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy or breastfeeding which is why the breast lift, or mastoplexy, is one of our most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures for Sydney mothers.

We also perform breast lifts for women in Sydney and throughout Australia who want to change or improve their natural breast shape for personal reasons.

6. Abdominoplasty  (Tummy Tuck)

People who’ve lost a lot of weight, had multiple pregnancies and/or have weak tummy muscles, known as divarication of recti, often request an abdominoplasty to remove the lower abdominal stretched skin, excess fat and to restore their abdominal muscles. Not uncommonly some of them will also have umbilical hernia that will be corrected at the same time of the surgery.

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure which removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscle wall and connective tissues to create a firmer, flatter abdomen and slimmer waist.

For improved results I often recommend liposuction on the hips as a complimentary procedure to abdominoplasty because those two procedures combined will recontour and reshape the entire abdomen, flank and waist and eliminate ‘love handles’.

7. Face Lift

I perform a wide range of face lift procedures for my clients in Sydney. People come to me for a face lifts because they want to improve the shape and contour of their face and reduce signs of excess ageing in the eyes, neck, forehead, chin, cheek or lips.

There are four main face lift procedures: the mini face lift, the escorts sydney short scar face lift, a full or SMAS face lift and total facial rejuvenation which includes a face lift, neck lift, upper eyelid, lower eyelid surgery, brow lift and skin resurfacing or rejuvenation.

The mini face lift is the most popular procedure because it offers excellent results, the scars are hidden in the hairline and it has the fastest recovery time. Short scar face lifts are also popular with minimal scarring and recovery time of about one week.

8. Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reductions are now in the top 1o most popular plastic surgery procedures in my Sydney clinics because men are becoming more and more concerned with their appearance.

Male breast reduction surgery is used to treat a medical problem called gynecomastia in which there is more male breast tissue than desired resulting in what’s commonly called ‘man boobs’.

Gynecomastia can be a distressing condition but it can usually be treated very successfully through male breast reduction surgery.

9. Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

You’d probably be surprised by how many people have one ear that sticks out more than the other or two quite prominent ears. Both women and men commonly hide this problem by carefully choosing hairstyles so that people can’t see their ears.

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a very safe and simple way to fix this problem and can be performed on adults or children.

10. Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects droopy eyelids and reduces bags under the eyes, puffy eyelids or under eye sagging.

Eyelid surgery reshapes the upper and/or lower eyelids by trimming away excess skin and fat from the eye area to create a more youthful appearance.

Many people feel unhappy because their eye shape makes them look older than they are or permanently sad or tired – eyelid surgery is a popular way to change that.


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