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Sydney Plastic Surgeon

About Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Doctor Laith Barnouti


Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnouti is one of Sydney’s leading plastic surgeons specialising in plastic and cosmetic surgery that produces natural looking results. He is best known for rejuvenation and recontouring the face Breast and body with the focus on minimal scarring and invasion and maximum improvements.

As a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti has been frequently published in medical journals, has spoken at medical conferences in Sydney and overseas and frequently attends national and international medical and science events. He is often asked to provide comments on plastic surgery and has featured on SBS, Channel 10, Channel 7, Channel 9. He is currently featuring in Embarrassing Body TV show Australian episodes.

With over 15 years’ experience as a plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti has performed thousands of surgical procedures. He understands that plastic surgery is both an art and a science and is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of plastic surgery in all the procedures he performs for his Sydney clients.

Dr Barnouti considers it a deep honour to work with patients from Sydney, all over Australia and overseas and understands that his job is above all to meets his patients expectations and produce the results that will make them happiest. The goal of any plastic surgeon should be to improve a patient’s self-image, and Dr Barnouti takes that responsibility very seriously.


A Brief Interview with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti

What qualifications do you hold as a plastic surgeon?

I’m a fully qualified plastic surgeon with additional qualifications in advanced cosmetic plastic surgery including:

  • A 21st century scientific approach to breast augmentation and reshaping surgery from Akademiklinken, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Short Scar Face Lift, MACS face lift, S face lift and facial rejuvenation from Gent, Belgium.
  • Body and Buttock surgery from the prestigious Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil.

Are you a member of any professional societies for plastic surgeons?

I certainly am. It’s a great way to maintain and expand my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest plastic surgery techniques. I’m an approved member of:

  • Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS)
  • Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)
  • Australian Medical Association

I am also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons which is the only statutory recognised body for the training of plastic surgeons in Australia.

How do you stay up to date with the latest plastic surgery methods and developments?

As well as belonging to the professional bodies I mentioned earlier I continue to study and develop my training every year by pursuing more formal qualifications as well as attending specialised conferences for plastic surgeons in Sydney, around Australia and throughout the world.

For example, I’ve travelled to Europe, America and South American to visit some of the leading advanced cosmetic plastic surgery centres there and meet other world renowned plastic surgeons in those countries. It’s a great way for me to learn about the latest state-of-the-art global cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies. Some of the clinics I’ve visited which I credit with helping me achieve the highest standards of excellence in my own plastic surgery clinic in Sydney are:

  • Dr Daniel Baker’s face lift clinic: New York, USA
  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills, California, USA.
  • Jacksonville Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
  • Paris Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Paris, France.
  • The Centre of Body and Buttock Reshaping and Implants, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Gender aesthetic plastic surgery meeting, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre specialising in body implants, pectoral implants, calf implants, buttock implants, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Mastering Breast Augmentation and breast implants, Singapore.

What are your main aims as a plastic surgeon?

My main aim is to provide outstanding patient care and allow my patients to benefit from the latest global knowledge and technologies in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Above all I want to help all my patients make a confident and accurate decision about their health and produce the results they deserve.

What are the main benefits of working with you compared to other plastic surgeons?

I think there are four main keys that set me apart from other plastic surgeons in Sydney:

  1. Safety, safety, safety. I can’t emphasise that enough as it’s always the most important thing when assessing my plastic surgery patients for suitability and working with them pre, during and post-surgery.
  2. My focus on short scar surgery to minimise scarring and promote faster healing.
  3. Great listening skills which help me understand exactly what each patient wants and help me to meet their expectations.

Passion and dedication. I love being a plastic surgeon and work hard to stay up to date with the most modern and state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures performed around the world so I can offer the very best ones to my patients in Sydney.

To find out more about how Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti can help you book a consultation in one of his three Sydney clinics. Dr Barnouti looks forward to answering all your questions and explaining what procedures are most suitable for your body type or face shape, lifestyle and personal preferences.

Contact us today to book your consultation. Click here to book online or call us on free phone 1300 002 006 if you are outside Sydney or 9561 0222 if you are in the Sydney area.

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