Breast Lift | Mastopexy

The breast lift , or mastopexy, is one of our most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures because breast droop is common due to weight fluctuation, hormonal changes, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Other women come to us for a breast lift because they just wish to improve on their natural breast shape.

Breast droop following pregnancy can be caused by a hormonal softening of the ligaments that hold the breasts up and by tissue stretching after breast size increases and decreases during pregnancy and after pregnancy. This reason for requesting a breast lift is often accompanied by a loss of breast tissue which means the breasts appear to sag and the upper half of the breast looks flat. Minor degrees of breast droop can be effectively corrected by breast augmentation alone but, if the nipple is at or below the level of the breast crease, a breast lift will be required to recreate youthful looking breasts with high nipples.

A breast lift is often combined with breast augmentation if a decrease in breast tissue is also a problem to restore the breasts to their former fullness, shape and position.

Many patients who complain of breast deflation, or “breast ptosis” as it is known in medical terms, will respond well to a surgical lifting of the breast tissue known as a breast lift or mastopexy.

To find out if a breast lift is right for you, book a consultation with Dr Barnouti in one of our three Sydney clinics.

How to Book?
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How much does a breast lift cost?

Procedure Price Estimate Conditions/ Comments
Breast Augmentation / Enlargement $10,990 – $11,990 Your choice of teardrop or round implants. The cost includes surgeon, implants, medical bra,  anaesthetist & 6 weeks follow up. Lifetime warranty of implants for rupture/leak. Additional hospital/Day surgery fees apply around $3000 
Breast lift / Mastopexy     $13,990-$17,990 This price includes surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee, surgical bra and 6 weeks follow up fees if Private health rebate is applicable.  If Private health rebates do not apply to your situation, count on around $4,200 for hospital/ day surgery fees.  If applicable, you may get around $750 rebate back from Medicare.
Combined breast lift and breast implant $14,990-$18,990 This price includes surgeon fee, round implants, anaesthetist, surgical bra and 6 weeks follow up fees. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for further hospital costs of around $4,500. If applicable, you may get around $750 rebate back from Medicare.
Breast reduction $14,990-$18,990 This price includes surgeon fee, anaesthetist & 6 weeks follow up fees. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for further hospital costs of around $4,800. If applicable, you may get around $750 rebate back from Medicare.

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Planning your surgery

What will happen during my breast lift consultation?

We encourage you to bring your partner, a family member or friend to your initial consultation if you feel they can help you to make a decision about how to proceed.

Our qualified and experienced plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti will take your full medical history including oncological, breastfeeding and family planning. He will examine you and discuss your goals and requirements in detail to see if you are a suitable candidate for a breast lift.

Dr Barnouti will conduct a full breast analysis paying specific attention to the distance from the areola to the inframammary crease, the transverse diameter of the breasts, the height of the breasts and the exact desired position of the infra mammary fold.

The physical examination and planning of a breast lift involves precise millimetric measurements as illustrated here:

Breast Lift  Breast Lift

Dr Barnouti prides himself in producing natural-looking breasts by using scientific methods and taking exact measurements to create more predictable outcomes.

Computer imagery may be used to help you convey your wishes to the surgeon and allow Dr Barnouti to meet your expectations for breast lift surgery. If you’re having a breast augmentation with breast implants as well as a breast lift, the computer images will help you select the size and shape of the breast implants to be used.

After a comprehensive analysis including precise breast measurements and a detailed discussion between you and Dr Barnouti, a decision will be made whether your breast lift will be performed alone or in combination with breast augmentation to further improve the breast shape. An implant trial will be performed to decide on the size of the breast implants that fit your chest. A breast augmentation can be performed by fat injection using your own fatty tissue or with breast implants.

What happens during surgery?

The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with twilight sedation and you will be able to go home the same day.
Every patient is unique so Dr Barnouti will tailor the technique to suit your individual needs based on the current shape of your breasts, the amount of droop and your hip and chest proportions.

A breast lift is usually followed by short-term discomfort that is easily controlled with painkillers. It is followed by mild bruising and swelling which clears up in three weeks or less.

The surgery generally creates a fine scar around the areola (nipple) and under the breast, what is known as a lollipop scar.

Video showing the procedure

What happens after surgery?

Medical tape will be applied to the wound area following your breast lift and most patients will be able to go home on the same day of the surgery although some patients may need to stay in hospital overnight.

You will have to wear a sports bra day and night for two weeks after surgery and at night for a month after returning home.

Dissolvable stitches are used so they won’t have to be removed by hand and bruising should fade after between one to three weeks.

Breast lift scars are minimal and will become virtually unnoticeable over time.

How soon can I go back to work and resume normal activities?

Breast lift patients will need to rest completely for the first 48 hours after surgery and may experience a burning sensation during this time.

You can return to work four days after surgery if your job does not involve heavy lifting.

You can resume your usual physical activity including exercise within a month.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.

How can I find out more?

Book a consultation with Dr Barnouti to talk about your options. If you’re a good candidate for a breast lift, with or without breast augmentation, he will help you make the right decision for your body dimensions and lifestyle.

Contact us today to book your consultation on free phone 1300 002 006

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