Breast Implant Removal

This surgery can correct issues caused by previous operations such as capsular contracture (resulting in thickening or hardening around implants), implant malfunction or dissatisfaction with breast size. In addition, some women who have had successful breast implants in the past now want to make use of more modern innovations in technique and implant type. Revision or replacement surgery for breast implants is usually needed after 10-15 years. The procedure can be done in day surgery, taking between one and two hours with a general anaesthetic.

Three common surgical techniques:

Removal with Capsulectomy

To correct unsightly and/or painful capsular contracture, incisions are made in the same location as the original breast implant surgery. In this procedure, part or all of the capsule surrounding the implants is taken out and used for a histopathological exam.

Removal and Replacement with Capsulectomy

As above and with new implants placed, most often implants that sit higher on the chest or larger implants depending on the client request.

Removal with Breast Lift

After having implants removed or replaced with smaller ones, some women require a breast lift. This surgery removes excess skin and tightens breast tissue to create improved support. The areolas may be re-sized or re-shaped to suit the new breast shape.

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Returning to work and normal activities

Recovery time is different for everyone but is usually faster than after the original implant procedure. Most women experience minimal pain and are fit to return to work in five days. However, breast lifts can make breasts feel heavy and tight for several weeks, while surgery for capsular contracture will cause higher levels of discomfort and lead to a more extended recovery time.

Scars heal well over a three- or four-month period and fade to become hardly noticeable although they never go away completely.

For six weeks after surgery, you must not lift anything heavier than five kilograms or engage in vigorous or excessive exercise. These activities can resume six weeks after surgery, but allow three to six months for breasts to finish repositioning.

Dr Laith Barnouti is a highly trained and experienced Plastic Surgeon who will assess you thoroughly to ensure risks and complications are minimal; however these can include:

  • Reduced sensitivity or numbing of the breasts and surrounding area for up to six months.
  • Raised, red or painful scarring for up to a few years.
  • Sagging or misshapen breasts.
  • If the patient chooses not to replace removed breast implants, a breast lift may be needed to tighten stretched skin.
  • Sometimes the procedure must take part in two stages. Stage one to remove the implants and perform a capsulectomy and stage two to introduce new implants and/or perform a breast lift.


Procedure Price Estimate Conditions/ Comments
Removal and Replacement of Breast implants (with capsulectomy and/or change of pocket) $6,990-$9,990 This price includes surgeon fee, anaesthetist & 6 weeks follow up fees. This price assumes hospital cover with a private fund and that your operation attracts a medical item number. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for further surgical costs of $2,900. If capsulectomy is required, budget for additional $2,000. If applicable, you may get around $750 rebate back from Medicare.
Removal of Breast implants $6,500 This price covers the operation, the anaesthetic & 6 weeks follow up. It assumes top hospital cover with a private fund. If fund cover does not apply in your situation, plan for additional costs of around $1,800. If applicable, you may get around $600 rebate back from Medicare.

All surgical costs are inclusive of GST. Consultation fee is $250. If you have a doctor referral, you can claim $70 back from Medicare or $104 if you have a private health fund. A referral is only necessary if you intend to claim some money back.

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