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Asian Face lift

Unlike Caucasian, Asians skin tends to be thicker and has lesser tendency for sagginess. For this reason, Asian patients requesting facial rejuvenation procedure tend to require a minimally invasive face lift in Sydney.

The latest approach to facial rejuvenation and face lift entails more than tightening of the skin and deep tissue. It is a comprehensive strategy to create youthful appearance. It involves minimal scar face lift, skin resurfacing, targeted liposuction, volumetric restoration, laser, TCA peel and other synergistic face lift procedures. The 21st century approach of facial beauty emphasizes on the importance of shifting facial volumes rather than only applying traction on the skin. The restoration of facial volumes is as important as tightening the skin and deep tissue.

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Different techniques are available for Asian face lifts by Dr Barnouti, Sydney Plastic Surgeon, including:

Thread Lift – facial soft tissues are elevated to a more youthful position using sutures only. Therefore there is minimal or no cuts and hence no scar.
Facial Volumetric Restoration, also known as Face fat injection – fat is removed from the facial areas with excess fat, such as Neck fat, and reinjected into the area that does not have enough fat, such as cheek bone areas.
Face Lift – a more advanced facial sagginess may require a more significant and effective lifting technique with reposition and tightening of underlying facial soft tissues and removing the excess and redundant skin. This is also known as the S lift, MACS lift or short scar face lift
Neck Lift – in a manner similar to Face lift, neck can be lifted using either threads or surgical neck lift procedure.
Mid Face Lift – Mid face lift in Asian is typically performed in a minimally invasive manner through laser or skin peel, face fat injection and neck liposuction.
Jaw reduction – Many Asian patients has a broad lower part of the face due to either large jaw bone or large muscle. This prominent jaw line tends to be out of proportion to the rest of the face. The enlarged or masculine jaw line can be made more slender and feminine by 2 ways.

Surgical approach: The traditional treatment for a disproportionate jaw has been jaw shaving, which reduces the outer portion of the jaw to narrow the face.

Non surgical treatment for Masseter muscle. It is more common way to narrow down the jaw lines. It involves the injection of Antiwrinkle product into the muscle on both sides. It is a safe and effective treatment, performed in the office at the same time of consultation. It will produce immediate results that last for 6 months. It is recommended that this procedure is repeated every 6-9 month.

Brow Lift
Brow lift is just one of the procedures that can help Asian patients achieve a younger look. At around the age of 30, many patients develop what appears to be excess upper eyelid skin. Although this is sometimes the case, the culprit behind this apparent excess skin is often sagging of the eyebrow and forehead. The ideal procedure to correct this situation is a brow lift, which is typically performed through an incision behind the hairline.

During the brow lift procedure, Dr Barnouti makes one incision each side in the scalp, through this incision the surgeon will work his way down to the eyebrow and lift it. When the procedure is performed correctly, the lateral brow area is elevated so that there is a slight arch to the brow. The central portion should not be lifted because this can lead to a “surprised” appearance.