Buttocks Augmentation (Buttock Fat Injection or Buttock Implants)

Buttocks enlargement and enhancement intends to beautify the body as seen from behind.

Buttocks augmentation can reshape, increase the volume, and raise the gluteus. The outcomes are more harmonious buttocks, with the desired shape and volume, and an improved and perkier appearance. The buttocks are the middle of the posterior body and play a very significant role in its contour.

Buttocks augmentation is a relatively new field in aesthetic surgery, but it has become popular particularly in big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles. Numerous patients feel uncomfortable with their posterior contours and anxious by situations like swimming, beach or sports. Also, changes in dressing fashion, codification of aesthetic norms of the buttock, as well as procedural improvements have increased interest in buttock enlargement surgery.

Plan your Buttock Enlargement treatment

The Consultation

An area of the body not easily enlarged, shaped by weight training or diet is the buttocks region.

Individuals that desire a buttocks enlargement, lift, and reshape the buttock mounds, have 2 options:

1. Buttocks enlargement with fat transfer (your own fat)
2. Or using a variety of different size and shape silicone buttock implants.

The decision is made depending on each person’s individual wishes and on their overall body build. Usually, anyone in average physical condition or good health can be a candidate for buttock augmentation surgery.

The Surgery

Fat transfer: It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves fat suctioning from other areas of your body, fat purification and fat transplant into the buttock area to appear as natural as possible for the most optimum cosmetic effect. It is generally performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthetic with twilight sedation as a day case, you will return home the same day. Buttock augmentation with Fat injection has quicker recovery and less painful than augmentation with buttock implants.

Buttocks Implants: It is a greater operation however gives you permanent results. It involves having a 7cm single incision located over the tailbone in the midline, through this incision the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) is identified and divided to create just sizeable adequate pockets for the implant. The implant will then be introduced and positioned to look natural.

The patient is required to stay in Hospital overnight. Pain medications are prescribed to assist with the discomfort. Some patients will need drains overnights.

There is normally minor swelling and bruising following buttock augmentation and the results will be visible instantly after surgery. The procedure is performed under General Anaesthesia or/and epidural anaesthetics.

After Surgery

Fat transfer: Quick recovery, pain generally tolerated with simple analgesia.

Buttocks implants: The patient may be very uncomfortable for the first few days. It is challenging to turn in any position to get comfortable. It is advisable that someone will be with the patient for the next several days just to assist with getting out of bed, prepare meals and so forth. It will take a few days before the patient finds it more comfortable to walk about and get back to everyday activities.

The dressing should remain dry and intact for few days. The patient will be reviewed at the clinic 7 days after surgery for wound and implant review.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.

Getting you back to work and daily activities

Fat transfer: Return to work in 2 days time, day-to-day activities in 7-10 days.

Buttocks augmentation with implants: Full activities including gym, work, bicycling, and running can usually be resumed about 4 weeks following surgery. It may take up to 6 months until the results feel as if they are part of the body and the patient forgets about them even being there.

Plastic Surgery Costs

Procedure Price Estimate Conditions/Comments
BBL, Buttock Augmentation With Fat Transfer $13,990 – 16,990 This price includes surgeon fee, anaesthetic fee, surgery fee 6 weeks follow up. Hospital fees are additional cost.
Buttock Implant $16,990 – $18,990 This price includes surgeon fee,2 implants ,  anaesthetic fee and 6 weeks follow up. Additional hospital fees apply.
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