Payment Plans for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Sydney does not advertise payment plans on our website as this is discouraged by AHPRA’s Guidelines for Advertising Regulated Health Services.

However, there are some options that patients have to assist with funding for elective, non-Medicare-billable procedures such as breast implants and breast augmentation.

There are specialised services for financing cosmetic plastic surgery in Sydney that have helped thousands of individuals get breast implants and other treatments they required. These medical payment companies can easily be found on the internet (just search for ‘cosmetic surgery financing’).

Plastic Surgery Sydney is not affiliated with and does not endorse any particular financing company, and we do not offer assistance with applications for payment plans.

If you still need help and you don’t wish to use a finance company, you can talk to your bank about redraws or a personal loan to help fund your procedure.

Medicare and/or your Private health insurance will refund you a portion of the total cost if applicable.