Breast Implant Before and After Gallery

Breast augmentation is a frequently performed procedure in our Sydney clinics. A well-performed operation can give a lasting, natural-looking bust, leaving you feeling better about your appearance and giving you greater self-confidence.

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications. Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.

Actual Before and After photos taken of Plastic Surgery Sydney patients.

Before and after 320cc round implants. Notice the invisible areolar scar
Breast augmentation with 240cc round breast implants. Note the perfect nipple position and proportionate chest.
Breast Augmentation Before After
After 385cc round silicone breast implants by Dr Barnouti
Before After Breast Surgery
Before and after breast augmentation 320 cc Breast implants by Dr Barnouti
Breast lift/augmentation and abdominoplasty
Before and after breast augmentation XHprofile 365cc by Dr Barnouti
Breast augmentation with 300cc round breast implants. Natural outcome.
Breast augmentation with 320cc round implants; nice symmetry, upper pole fullness and cleavage.
Breast augmentation with 350cc round implants; dual plane.
Breast augmentation with 360cc round breast implants; dual plane.
Breast Augmentation Before After
Implants April 2019
360cc natural round implants by Dr Barnouti
320cc round implants. Natural results
365cc Submuscular silicone implants by Dr Barnouti
Breast Augmentation before after
360cc silicone implants by Dr Barnouti
Breast Implants