Testicular Prosthesis or Testicle Implant Surgery

Testicular enlargement (enhancement) is a procedure to better fill the scrotum using testicular implants which are ovoid in shape and are placed in front of the existing testes. Rather than a fluff bag appearance of the scrotum created by scrotal fillers, the pleasing contours of two well represented gonads are noticeable.

Atrophic testes may still produce testosterone and sperm and should not be removed unless there are strong medical indications. We do not recommend prosthetic surgery for men with normal sized Testicles.

The procedure is mainly indicated for people who have atrophic (very small) testicles or no testicles (born with none or one, undescended testis, had them removed for trauma, disease, cancer, etc.).

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Soft Silicone Testicular Implant

Soft Silicone Testicular Implant

Ovoid testicular prostheses are available both in saline filled and soft silicone models.  The texture of the soft silicone models is minimally firmer than a normal testicle and generally well accepted by our patients. The implants come in different sizes but generally they are: Large, medium and small.

Custom made prosthesis are also available but more expensive. We do not recommend a very large testicular implants as they would appear distinctly unnatural, dwarf your penis and might even reduce penetrating depth.  With made to order implants the consistency may vary.  Whereas with standard sizes, consistency control is excellent and demonstrators are available at the office.

For prospective patients considering even the remote possibility of parenthood we suggest sperm banking.

The testicular implants surgery

Types of Testicular Implants I commonly use. Soft Silicone and Solid Soft Silicone Elastomer

Types of Testicular Implants I commonly use. Soft Silicone and Solid Soft Silicone Elastomer

Testicle Implants Insertion is done on an outpatient basis and under anaesthesia, after surgical preparation, Dr Barnouti makes a small incision in the lower part (facing the ground) of the scrotum and expose the internal aspect of the scrotal sack. He then place the testicular prosthesis or Testicle Implants in the dedicated sac. Following the placement of the prosthesis or testicle implants, the scrotal skin is closed in two layers. Due to the scrotal skin elasticity, the incision areas are hidden in the skin folds and the final scar is barely noticeable.

The testicle implants (Testicular Prosthesis) serves to enhance the testicular size or to adjust the size of one testicle to the opposite site. Typical patients for the Testicle Implants are men, who desire an overall aesthetic enhancement of their scrotum, who suffer from asymmetrical testicular size, or have undergone an orchiectomy with prosthesis placement and asymmetrical results. (Testicular Enhancement)

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.

Testicular Impants Before & After

Before and 4 weeks after Testicular Implant. Notice the expansion in the scrotum.

Before and 4 weeks after Testicular Implant. Notice the expansion in the scrotum.

Testicular Implants Before After

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Risk of surgery

Risks include infection, wound separation, collection of blood or serum under the skin, and pain/discomfort, migration of implant.

 Surgical fee for testicular implants

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