Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

A combination of ablation and micro thermal effect, the versatile nature of laser has been implemented in a new way for vaginal rejuvenation.

Vaginal Tightening CO₂ Fractional and Surgical Mode Laser are available in our clinic.


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Indications for vaginal laser rejuvenation


  • Vaginal Tightening and Thickening producing tighter, more elastic and rejuvenated vagina.
  • Treatment of vaginal dehydration and dyspareunia
  • Remodelling of Vaginal mucosa
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation by reducing vaginal atrophy. Symptoms include vaginal dryness, burning sensation, vaginal discharge, genital itching, burning with urination, and decreased vaginal lubrication during sexual activity.
  • Improve stress urinary incontinence.

Labium and Vulva

  • Enhance the appearance of Pigmented Vulva by lightening the skin and achieving a pink vulva with a natural and silky texture.
  • The laser machine lightens the colour of the labia.
  • Reduce Wrinkles and tightness labial skin
  • Increase elasticity

Clinical outcome of vaginal laser:

  • Vaginal tightening and increased elasticity
  • Collagen remodelling of vaginal tissue
  • Treatment of insufficient vaginal secretion
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy
  • Treatment of vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence

Advantages: Minimally invasive, no anaesthesia, no incision, no bleeding, no shaving.

How long does it take? It takes 15min. Back to work immediately, no sexual activities for 3 days.

Cost of treatment

One treatment $1,500.

We recommend 4 treatments 4 weeks apart. A package deal of $5,000

The technology

W-Pulse for rejuvenation

  • Combination of ablation and micro thermal effect.
  • RF Module with higher quality of laser beam

The technique has been popularised by Aphrodite Laser, Mona Lisa touch and Baladona Vaginal rejuvenation resulting in a tighter, more elastic and rejuvenated vagina.

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