New Screening Rules for People Seeking Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections

Injectables Guidelines

The Medical Board of Australia has announced new screening rules for people seeking cosmetic surgery and cosmetic injections. The rules, which came into effect on July 1, 2023, require patients to have a GP referral before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. The GP will assess the patient’s suitability for surgery and discuss the risks and benefits with them.

In addition, the surgeon must assess the patient for any underlying psychological conditions that may make them unsuitable for surgery. This assessment will be conducted using a validated psychological screening tool. If the screening indicates that the patient has significant psychological issues, they will be referred to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or GP for further assessment.

The new screening rules are designed to protect patients from undergoing cosmetic surgery that is not in their best interests. They are also intended to ensure that patients have a full understanding of the risks and benefits of surgery before making a decision.

Some experts believe that the rules will help to prevent patients from making impulsive decisions about cosmetic surgery. Others are concerned that the rules will add to the cost and complexity of accessing cosmetic surgery.

Ultimately, the impact of the new screening rules will not be known until they have been in place for some time. However, the rules represent a significant step towards improving the safety of cosmetic surgery in Australia.

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