Chin Enhancement

Bruce always admired the “leading man” look of a strong jawline and chin. Unfortunately, his own chin was weak, which made his nose and forehead appear oversized, as though they belonged to someone else’s face. Bruce felt like the dating scene would forever be a string of rejections, as they had in the past. Bruce wanted a dramatic change to give him confidence. His dream called for a surgical procedure to add a chin implant to strengthen his profile.

Only six weeks after the surgery, Bruce was approached by a talent agent who encouraged him to become an actor. Bruce declined. He wasn’t interested in being a leading man… he just wanted to look like one. Bruce’s dating life, however, took a turn for the better, not only because of his improved appearance, but because of a huge surge in his confidence. Today, Bruce is happily married, with child #2 on the way!

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation had a significant effect on this patient’s overall facial appearance, even defining her cheeks and neck.

Surgical chin augmentation can have significant effects on the overall facial appearance.

A chin augmentation will strengthen the facial profile by making a weak chin more prominent. This can improve the appearance of the jaw and have a remarkably positive impact on the appearance of the nose and neck area.

A chin augmentation also creates more projection laterally and frontally, resulting in a youthful appearance.

Many types of procedures can be used for chin augmentations, either alone or in conjunction with other operations:

  • Soft touch treatment – injectable fillers, hyaluronic acid and/or collagen is injected with a fine needle. This procedure is done in the office and produces an instant effect that lasts for three-to-12 months. A refined injection technique can achieve a balance between the upper and lower lips, while maintaining the appearance of a natural fullness. After several treatments, the results begin to last longer. This treatment is provided on the day of the consultation in the office.
  • Surgical procedure – using either the patient’s own fatty tissue or an implant, this procedure creates an attractive, long-lasting refinement to the areas of the lower face and jaw. The procedure is usually performed in a day surgery setting. It takes about 60 minutes and produces a permanent result. For surgical chin augmentation using the patient’s own fatty tissue, there will be no scar. If implant surgery is chosen, then the scar will be 3–4 cm long under the chin or unseen inside the mouth. I recommend fat injections for a subtle improvement and a chin implant for a moderate-to-great degree of improvement.

This blog post is an excerpt from Dr Barnouti’s book “Your Guide To Modern Plastic Surgery: How To Enhance Your Natural Beauty And Avoid A Plastic Surgery Disaster” which is available now on Amazon.

Chin augmentation

This patient’s facial profile was strengthened considerably, and a youthful appearance was obtained.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery and neck liposuction.