Advances in Breast Augmentation Surgery

Significant advances in breast augmentation surgery, both in terms of implants and techniques, have meant more and more women can achieve the breasts they have long desired. Breast surgery can not only increase size but also improve shape and help to correct any asymmetries of the breast.

However, there are numerous aspects to consider in order to avoid an obvious ‘boob job’ and instead create beautiful, natural-looking breasts that harmonise with the rest of the body.

Choosing the right implant is key to a successful result. It must suit the individual’s chest dimensions, producing breasts that don’t look surgically enhanced. A successful breast augmentation  should look and feel natural. There should be some degree of cleavage, without webbing between the breasts and a certain amount of perkiness.

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti discusses some of the key elements of successful breast augmentation in Cosmetic Surgery Magazine.