Dr. Barnouti’s research paper “Social Media Body Image Disorder – A New Diagnosis Facing Surgeons” explores the potential negative impact of social media on body image and introduces the concept of Social Media Body Image Disorder (SMBID), a condition distinct from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

Defining SMBID

SMBID is characterised by behaviours fueled by social media engagement. These include obsessive photo-taking/editing, fixating on perceived flaws, engaging in social comparison, and relying on validation through likes and comments.

The Pressure of Ideals

Social media perpetuates an idealised and often distorted image of beauty.  This constant exposure can contribute to body dissatisfaction and disordered thoughts for those who are vulnerable.

Seeking Support

If social media significantly impacts your mental health, professional help is readily available.  Dr. Barnouti’s research highlights the importance of seeking support when needed.

Social media platforms offer opportunities for connection, but it’s vital to understand their potential negative impact on body image.

For a deeper understanding of SMBID, download Dr. Barnouti’s full research paper here.