Some Tattoos Leave a Long Lasting Scar

Sydney Plastic Surgery gets about eight inquiries per week for tattoo removals and laser surgery doesn’t always work.

We often feel saddened to see unsightly, unskilled or just plain ugly tattoos which people paid good money for. Especially because the person now regrets their hasty decision so much that they’re happy to pay as much as it takes for the removal process.

Laser surgery to remove a tattoo can cost between $150 to $450 depending on the size and location of the ink.

However, depending on the ink used and the position, sometimes even a series of laser treatments can’t remove a stubborn tattoo.

In that case, surgery to cut out the skin and graft new skin in place may be possible, but it will leave long-lasting scarring.

We understand from many of our clients that people often get a tattoo done while inebriated after a night out partying.

We abhor this idea and are calling for more rigorous laws in Australia that only allow people to be tattooed when completely sober and capable of providing full written consent. Ideally, people should be made to wait for a “cooling off period” of 48 hours before getting permanently inked.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unethical tattoo parlours in Australia and overseas that will tattoo anyone, no matter how obviously drunk they are.

Find out more about my call for stricter laws around tattooing in recent stories on the UK’s Daily Mail and Australia’s Ten Daily news website:

UK Daily Mail: Top Surgeon Calls for Tattoos to be Banned
Australia Ten News: Sydney based Surgeon Wants to Ban “Drunken Tattoos”

If you’ve got a tattoo you’d like to have removed, for personal or professional reasons, don’t feel embarrassed about contacting us. We’ve seen so many tattoos now and we’ll do our best to remove yours as safely and invisibly as possible.