New cosmetic surgery guidelines and cost of surgery

The Medical Board has come up with new guidelines for medical practitioners who perform cosmetic procedures, effective on 1 October 2016. The guidelines are welcomed by specialist plastic surgeons as they aim to keep patients safe, without imposing an unreasonable regulatory burden on practitioners. The guidelines are generally practised and followed by plastic surgeons who […]

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Female Surgeons in the Media

Harassment and Bullying of female surgeons Our College has been the subject of media attention in the past few weeks on the subject of sexual harassment of female surgical trainees. The President, Michael Grigg, responded by confirming the College’s zero tolerance policy of any form of harassment, physical or emotional against trainees, Fellows or College […]

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Fiona Wardrop a women of age 31 from Wattle Grove, NSW has this bizarre feeling that she did not had the time to lose her weight which has reached to 133 kg. Her weight started to increase when she was 18 years old. Her mother Flora passed away as she was suffering from Brest cancer, […]

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Abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation case study

Case study: Fiona Wardrop In May 2013 Fiona Wardrop weighed 133 kg. She had been a big girl her whole life. Her breaking point was when her 8 year old son told her she looked like a pig. That day, she made a decision that would change her life. She googled weight lost and after […]

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Nose Surgery Case Study

Case study: Sandra Gabriel Sandra always disliked her profile. For a long time she had considered undergoing a nose job. She also suffered from difficult or obstructed breathing because her septum was blocking her nasal airway. This problem can be corrected by straightening the septum inside the nose or removing the deviated part of the […]

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Female genital surgery – Vaginaplasty in Sydney

Female genital surgery Many Women feel insecure about the appearance and the function of their genital areas. Unsightly appearance of the vagina, labia and pubic region can cause insecurity and low self It does also produce irritation, discomfort, avoidance of sexual activity and difficulty exercising. You may have born with saggy and lax skin or […]

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The rise of the designer vagina

Genital surgery is one of the fastest growing areas of plastic surgery Nicola Conville looks at the reasons why demand has increased for labiaplasty surgeries In our quest for perfection and amid a growing obsession with body image, it seems women now have a new part of the anatomy to worry about – our vaginas. […]

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Things you need to know if you considering Breast implants, Breast lift or breast reduction By Dr Barnouti

Small breasts are a thing of the past. To enhance small breasts that have been damaged from birth (congenital breasts defects), in teenage years (developmental breasts deformity) or caused by breast illness, breast surgery, or breast accident is one of the most important reasons for seeking breast augmentation and breast implant surgery in Sydney Australia […]

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Modern Face lift, rhinoplasty, brow lift in Sydney By Dr Barnouti, Cosmetic Surgeon

Minimally Invasive Surgery Sydney PLASTIC SURGEON Dr Laith Barnouti Says “A global approach to facial rejuvenation can create the most significant results”. The modern era of plastic surgery has defined facial beauty. There are certain measurements, lines and angles we rely on to enhance and beautify a face. Many patients who come to my clinic […]

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Tear drop Breast implants in Sydney

Sydney PLASTIC SURGEON Dr Laith Barnouti explains how women can choose their Implant according to their desired Breast Size and Shape. With modern advances in cosmetic surgery, women who dream of a curvier, fuller figure can increase their breast size and improve their shape. However, what makes an excellent breast augmentation different from the obvious […]

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